British baby milk maker Kendamil becomes the first new international manufacturer to export infant formula to the US amid the crisis


LONDON, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kendamil is in advanced discussions with the FDA to become the first international manufacturer to export significant quantities of non-medicated infant formula to the United States United States of America under Joe Bidens ‘Operation Fly Formula’ to address the ongoing formula shortage crisis in the United States of America.

Kendamil is a brand of Kendal Nutricare, a family run, Queen’s Award winning manufacturing company based in the English Lake District, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kendamil is the only UK made baby milk, supporting hundreds of dairy farms across the UK by sourcing their milk fresh from Red Tractor accredited farms. Kendamil is the highest rated baby milk in the UK (Trustpilot, social media). Her fame stems from viral word of mouth from parents praising her British heritage and her unique natural recipe, which uses whole milk as the main ingredient and source of fat versus the industry standard of 100% vegetable oils. Kendamil is also addressing the growing consumer demand for more sustainable, ethical, natural products by avoiding palm oil in its recipes and using plant-based omega-3 instead of the traditional choice of fish oil (derived from offal). Kendamil offers organic and conventional cow’s milk formulas, along with goat’s milk formulas (which is a first in the United States of America where, other than in Europegoat’s milk is not currently approved for sale to infants under the age of 1).

Kendamil has been in talks with the FDA for several weeks since the first news broke about the shortage of formulas and the measures announced by the Biden administration to launch international brands United States of America. After a meeting between Ross McMahonCEO of Kendal Nutricare and Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a Spring Showcase event at 10 Downing Street on April 9th Communications between the US authorities and the UK Department for International Trade were opened on May 1st. Kendal Nutricare was among the first to respond to the FDA’s call for help from international manufacturers, with Kendamil’s English packaging and fully nutritional formulation (including iron content) ensuring the brand got to market quickly compared to other European brands. The factory one kendal is able c. 10 million cans of 900g formula per year and although today at around 50% of its total capacity given exponential demand from the UK, Europe, Asia and now in the US, there are plans to more than double the site’s capacity by 2024. Kendal Nutricare expects to ship 100 trucks there United States of America However over the next 6 months management has made it clear that it will continue to prioritize its core markets and existing customers and therefore does not expect any impact on its existing markets or offering to UK parents who can shop the award-winning Kendamil range in over 5,000 stores today nationwide.

Kendamil is the fastest growing formula brand in the UK with UK sales up 900% over the last 12 months (compared to an overall 10% drop in sales in the infant formula market – The Grocer). Since its launch in 2016, the brand has grown rapidly to be sold in over 35,000 stores in 40 countries and four continents worldwide, making it one of the stores Europe 1,000 Fastest Growing Companies (Financial Times) and won prestigious awards including the Grand Gold Monde Selection Award for Quality, the Queen’s Award for International Trade and became a Fast50 Food and Drink company. The brand first received international recognition when it was reported that the royal family had decided to wean Prince Louis with Kendamil formula. Since then, the brand has grown rapidly and organically, fueled by word of mouth and online testimonials with thousands of parents citing kendamil’s more natural taste and smell compared to other formulations. Although Kendamil started out primarily as an export brand, it once accounted for over 10% of the UK food export business Chinarapid growth in the domestic market means the UK now accounts for 50% of the company’s sales.

Ross McMahonCEO of Kendal Nutricare commented, “We have received the FDA’s call for help and Kendamil stands ready to act. The urgency of the situation and the scale of the US opportunity justify Kendal Nutricare doubling our capacity for Kendamil by 2024 and increasing UK capacity to export milk from Cumbriacreating more local jobs and securing UK dairy farmers for the long term.”

Kendal Nutricare expects to meet the needs of at least 150,000 US households during the import period, powered by a unique, high quality formulation at a competitive price compared to existing established and start-up brands.

Ross McMahon added: “The relationship between the UK and United States of America is very strong and we look forward to bringing US parents the highest quality formula while supporting UK jobs, local farming and organic dairy.

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