Biden & NYPD: Joe Biden’s BS on Gun Manufacturers’ Immunity from Lawsuits


President Joe Biden speaks about gun violence and how to deal with it during a meeting at the New York City Police Department headquarters in New York City on February 3, 2022. (Leah Millis/Reuters)

One of President Biden’s most unattractive traits – one to work with a lot here – is his penchant for conjuring up, with painfully false conviction, the dullest left-wing whoppers as if they hadn’t been blown up eons ago.

This became maddening during his speech in New York City yesterday. Biden’s rambling remarks accompanied his meeting with incoming Mayor Eric Adams and a visit to NYPD headquarters just days after officers Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora were buried while answering a phone call in Harlem following their brutal killings by a career criminal.

Showing the President’s support for the police force at a time of rising crime would have been more effective if Biden had attended one of the officers’ funerals at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. But the ambivalence of the left-leaning Democrats and their radical allies about supporting the Blues has turned maddening at best. Black Lives Matters was just complaining about the public’s tendency to celebrate cops who have been shot on the job as “heroes” in the context of another attack on police, this time in Washington, DC; Meanwhile, a Manhattan actress complained that the thousands of police officers and other mourners who poured out onto the streets for 22-year-old Officer Rivera’s funeral were making it harder for her to get around. (The actress, Jacqueline Guzman, was fired from her company Face to Face Films after ranting on Tik Tok that the city shouldn’t shut down because of “a frigging cop” who is “probably doing his job wrong. They kill people every day who are under 22 for no good reason, and we’re not shutting down the city to them.”

Some will complain that it is unfair to camouflage Biden with these outbursts (as Ilya Shapiro might tell you, the left is always fair and measured on such matters). But these are the bedfellows that Biden and his administration chose. And if two young police officers (themselves Hispanic officers, like officers Rivera and Mora) had killed a violent black suspect but were not killed by him, it’s hard to imagine that the president would have failed to stage a show of ardent support for the anti-cop protests that would inevitably follow.

In any case, I wrote a column for Fox News yesterday to preview the President’s visit to the city and found that his blasphemous meeting with Adams was, in many ways, with the wrong man. In the New York system, the mayor has no control over the separately elected prosecutors; and crime is rising in cities across the country because the progressive prosecutors beloved by Democrats will not enforce laws that have themselves been hollowed out by the Albany Democrats and spurred on by the Big Apple Democrats to make it far more difficult Arrest criminals and keep them incarcerated. I was also involved in reporting on Biden’s speech, along with Fox News’ Sandra Smith and John Roberts.

I’ll have more to say about Biden’s speech in tomorrow’s weekend column. For now, much like David the President’s ramblings about how cannons somehow prove his point that the Second Amendment isn’t really an obstacle to firearms restrictions, I want to address just one of the stupid things Biden monotonously repeats to the Democratic story of rising crime promote caused by guns and not by criminals.

Biden again feigned surprise that the law grants gun manufacturers absolute immunity from damage caused by the use of firearms. Its analogy, of course, is the cigarette companies. The comparison and the underlying point are flimsy.

Self-defense is a natural right that the Second Amendment expressly recognizes by prohibiting the government from violating the right to possess and bear arms. The Constitution recognizes no right to smoke. Smoking does not promote the right to self-defense. Smoking is an unhealthy habit, the dangers of which smokers are explicitly warned about – as if they didn’t know it – because the law requires manufacturers to put warning labels on their packaging.

If the struggling Democrats were serious about the intolerable lethality of cigarettes, they could use government power to ban smoking outright, as has been done with a range of narcotics and as Democrats would like to do with firearms. Of course, making cigarettes illegal would simply have fueled a black market, but that’s not why the Democrats are keeping their hands on it. Instead, they like the revenue from cigarette taxation. They like the resulting redistribution racket even more: progressives get the public to extend government influence into activities they shouldn’t be involved in, like health programs, by promising they’ll be backed by cigarette taxes; then, when the intentionally inflated revenue forecasts don’t pan out (partly because taxes are prohibitive and the anti-cigarette crusade is squeezing consumption), progressives turn and say the program must be funded from general tax revenues and more debt — or are you one of those creeps who want kids to die!

Guns are not constitutionally like cigarettes. And in terms of product liability law, weapons are like any other legal commodity. Unlike Biden’s BS, gun manufacturers don’t have absolute immunity from lawsuits. When guns fail and damage occurs due to negligent design or manufacture, the companies responsible for their manufacture will certainly be sued for monetary damages. But if guns work the way they’re supposed to by law, the maker isn’t responsible if a bad actor uses them for an illegal purpose — just like manufacturers of cars, knives, hammers, bowling balls, and baseball bats aren’t liable if they’re lawful though inherently dangerous objects are used by violent criminals to injure people.

The argument Biden made yesterday in New York City is ridiculous, so I imagine we’ll just hear it from here on out. . . incessantly.


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