Best crochet subscription boxes of 2021


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If you love crochet and handicrafts, a subscription box can fuel your passion and test your skills with new yarn and patterns delivered to your door. You will embark on new projects and discover living yarns and it is a wonderful surprise to receive a mail full of creative projects every month.

Many subscriptions offer sustainable yarns made from recycled materials or natural wool that give crocheting an environmentally friendly aspect. We’ve researched the best crochet subscription boxes, from small sets for beginners to time-consuming projects for experienced hobbyists. Here are our top picks.

Final verdict

The choice of a crochet subscription box ultimately depends on your personal needs. Knit Crate is our best choice because of its affordable prices and the quality of the biodegradable yarn. If you’re just starting out, Darn Good Yarn is an affordable way to try a subscription box, and the projects are good for beginners. If you want to challenge yourself, Crochet Surprise has a variety of projects to help you sharpen your skills.

frequently asked Questions

What if I’ve never crocheted before?

To get the most out of your subscription, it is a good idea to understand the basics first before tackling your project. Many of the subscriptions offer tutorials and courses, and there are a number of free courses online. It’s also best to start with a simpler subscription box like Darn Good Yarn.

What materials do I need for crocheting?

Kits include thread and patterns, but not all come with crochet hooks, so it is important to check with each company before ordering. Other items you may need to purchase include scissors, twine holders, and other project-specific accessories.

Can I choose the project that comes in a crochet subscription box?

Most subscription boxes (with a few exceptions) do not allow subscribers to choose the specific project they want to create. However, some offer kits for beginners or advanced users so that you have an idea of ​​the types of projects to expect. Part of the fun with subscription boxes is getting surprised every month.

How we picked the best crochet subscription boxes

When choosing the best crochet subscriptions, we took into account the price of the memberships in relation to the quality, quantity and variety of the scope of delivery. All of the subscriptions we choose give back to the community, participate in sustainable efforts, or use recycled packaging and yarn. Since every craftsman has a different knowledge of crochet, we’ve added beginners and advanced subscriptions, taking into account customer reviews.


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