Are St Albans mailboxes coming back this Christmas?


9:40 am, October 10, 2022

The magical woolly wizards at St Albans Postboxes have not been idle – they have been busy fixing, cleaning, mending and making some new toppers for this Christmas!

Creative magicians Candy Stuart and Lucy Dronfield are once again coordinating volunteers who donate their time and labor to make mailbox toppers across the district.

Candy said: “We are delighted once again to create toppers, organize manufacturers, databases and logistics for the annual St Albans Postboxes Christmas extravaganza.

“We have involved many of our longtime talented creators, but also a large number of new creators who come on board and sacrifice their precious free time to crochet and knit their amazing works of art.

“There will still be some old favorites – the ever-popular mince pies are decked out and ready to grace a mailbox near you! Although a third of this year’s harvest will be brand new, while some will be familiar but reinterpreted.”

Each topper is the product of the maker’s own imagination, some patterns are used but many are completely original and freehand.

Many, many hours go into the thought process behind each topper months in advance, including finding the characters and structures required and sourcing materials before even lifting a hook or knitting needle.

Candy added: “We are particularly pleased to be supporting this year two outstanding and hard working local charities who are already feeling the pressure this winter. They are providing much needed support to some of the most vulnerable in our society and are entirely dependent on donations at this very difficult time.”

St Albans Postbox Toppers are getting a makeover and getting ready for Christmas.
– Credit: Candy Stuart

This year the team will support St Albans Action For Homeless (SAAH) and the Sopwell Community Trust.

SAAH staff member Sharon Linney said: “We really need this fundraiser. Government figures released in July show that 74,230 households in England became homeless or were at imminent risk of homelessness between January and March 2022.

“This represents an 11 percent increase in three months and a 5 percent increase over the same period last year. Evictions fell during the pandemic as court cases stalled.

“The cost of living crisis and rising rents coupled with rising energy prices means things are only going to get worse. As a last resort, people ask to put food on the table. So this support comes at exactly the right time for us financially, meaning we can help more people.”

Candy Stuart (L) and Lucy Dronfield (R) from St Albans Postboxes.

Candy Stuart (L) and Lucy Dronfield (R) from St Albans Postboxes.
– Photo credit: Iain Stuart

Sharon and her colleague Lynn Dutton have been firm supporters of St Albans Postboxes since its launch and added: “We love the sense of wellbeing and the smiles it puts on people’s faces as we help local charities. Me and Lynn found a Postboxer topper off a lamp post last year and put it back in place and enjoy every single creation to the fullest.”

As usual, each mailbox cover is sponsored by a local business, and founder Clare Suttie added: “We know this is a difficult time for businesses and we hope the generous and supportive local businesspeople will once again dig deep and our charities show theirs.” incredible support.

“In the past churches, community groups and even family groups have been sponsors – so I can’t wait to see who’s coming to our sponsor days this year!

St Albans Postbox Toppers are getting a makeover and getting ready for Christmas.

St Albans Postbox Toppers are getting a makeover and getting ready for Christmas.
– Credit: Candy Stuart

“Anyone interested in learning more about sponsoring a letterbox lid should contact me as soon as possible. And as always, we’re also grateful for the support of the Herts Advertiser team since we started putting wool hats on St Albans’ letterboxes!”

Since launching in 2018, the team have blown up mailboxes more than 230 times, with over 250 toppers and over £82,000 raised for local charities including Earthworks, the OLLIE Foundation, St Albans Foodbank, Open Door and Youth Talk.

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