Animal Crossing Fan Crochets Adorable Vesta Villager Plushie


One fan is taking the time to recreate Animal Crossing villagers as crocheted plushies, and they recently completed one based on Vesta the sheep.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has reached the end of its free updates, which means fans won’t have any new content for their favorite series for quite a while. Meanwhile, while the latest game keeps players busy until the next installment, some fans have found new ways to share their love for the cute and simple franchise. One person used it to crochet a series of villagers that players should recognize, and their latest work is a stuffed animal of Vesta the sheep.


Vesta is a fairly familiar one animal crossing Villagers to fans after debuting in the original game on the GameCube. She has a “normal” personality, making her quite similar to other potential townsfolk on the show like Daisy and Ione. While some villagers haven’t made it to every game, Vesta can be found in every one animal crossing Publication to date and therefore has a number of loyal fans.

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On Reddit, a rather talented fan named Harrybenney made a custom crocheted plushie of the character. The stuffed animal has a felt expression that makes Vesta smile at everyone who looks at her. The plush seems to be inspired by Vesta’s design from the start animal crossing Title as pictured with a shawl. in the New Horizonsher scarf was removed and she had to wear a shirt like any other AC Villager.

According to the comments on Harrybenney’s post, people adore the stuffed animal. Devoted fans of the sheep have expressed that their likeness was captured perfectly. A gamer has come forward to say that Vesta’s big white eyes always scared them, but Harrybenney’s crochet creation is so cute they can’t bring themselves to consider it anything special animal crossing Villagers plush scary.

Other fans in the post have asked if Harrybenney plans to provide a pattern to Vesta and other sheep villagers since they run a free crochet pattern shop in their spare time. However, according to the plush maker, the plush maker didn’t save any progress material to write down a pattern from, so those who want to crochet their own Vesta will have to wait a little longer.

Some comments on the Reddit post say they would like to buy Vesta and others animal crossing Harrybenney soft toys with NFC chips in hand. This would give them amiibo compatibility with games such as New Horizons, so players can summon them to their cities. While Harrybenney has yet to respond to those requests, the artist is offering commissions on similar plushies at an Etsy shop called CotswoldsCrochet.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

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