AISD discusses working partnership with NXP


A new partnership could bring AISD job programs to students and their parents.

Austin, Texas –

That Austin Independent School District (AISD) is expected to discuss a possible partnership with a semiconductor manufacturer to offer work programs for students and their parents at a trustees meeting on Thursday.

This program would be one of the Central Texas Chapter 313 agreements and is mutually beneficial to the school district and the manufacturing company. The partnership would be between AISD and NXP, which has a strong presence in South Austin.

This agreement between the two institutions would allow students and parents to be trained in building chips and study skills that would give them experience entering the workforce. In addition, NXP receives tax breaks for its student tuition facilities.

The partnership and funding of the Chapter 313 program was possible because of the Chips for America Act. Recently re-elected Texas Congressman Michael McCaul has pushed for continued chip production in the US

“Currently, if China invades or somehow compromises these chips, the global market, which is currently very vulnerable to China, is a serious threat,” McCaul said. “That’s why it’s so important that we make these chips here in the United States.”

The chips manufactured in manufacturing companies are implemented in cutting-edge technologies, including phones, fighter jets and checkout machines in grocery stores. NXP has already shared two applications for facilities to expand their presence in Austin. They plan to build a new facility 10 miles south of downtown and will expand their existing facility in East Austin.

The Chips Act supports the development of programs such as the Chapter 313 Agreement and the partnership NXP currently has with Austin Community College where students can earn a bachelor’s degree in manufacturing.

The AISD Board of Trustees will decide at its meeting on November 10 whether the partnership will go ahead.

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