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For the past four years, Moni’s Voice has used crocheted artwork to raise awareness of domestic violence and to support those who have bravely left an abusive spouse or family member to rediscover their own voice.

Loi-Renee Letts, the company’s owner, first developed an interest in crocheting after one day deciding to leave her abusive partner for five years.

But the idea of ​​starting a business didn’t come easily to Letts’ mind. She only learned how to make simple accessories like hats and earrings while battling depression and trying to regain her voice after years of silence.

Fired by determination in 2018, Letts turned her pastime into a serious operation, through which she encourages other abused women to find solace and profit in the craft.

“When I finally decided to leave, I found out I was pregnant, so one of my main goals in getting out of this relationship was to give my child a better life,” Letts said in a gleaners Interview.

Letts, who reported being abused as a child, said she was determined to break the cycle of violence.

“Showing others the pieces I crocheted sparked a conversation about domestic violence and I realized how many people around me are affected by it,” she said.

Letts, who taught herself the craft by attending YouTube University, has developed new designs and expanded her line to make dolls up to 20 inches tall. The self-made entrepreneur also crochet potted plants, earrings, wall hangings, custom bags, clothing, swimsuits and hats. Pre-ordered works can also be personalized.

Their customer base spans Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Turkey.

A portion of profits is earmarked to help women and children who are or have been in abusive relationships recover from trauma.

Letts has partnered with organizations like the Countrystyle Community Tourism Network, a community-based initiative that trains youth in crafts to support themselves and their families.

“The main purpose of my crochet pieces is to bring joy and give hope to those who find themselves in such situations,” she said.

Lett’s daughter, now five years old, has also developed an interest in the craft.

“She’s claimed a lot of my first work… and she’s even interested in crocheting, so she can crochet a necklace,” Letts said.

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