50 times DIYers came up with such amazing projects that they had to share their results on this Facebook page


Everyone should have at least one hobby in their life. It’s incredibly satisfying to create something with your own hands, rather than just buying and consuming things in your spare time. Whether it’s quilting, knitting, crocheting, painting, jewelry making, woodworking, pottery, or any of the hundreds of other incredibly fun DIY hobbies that people around the world love, the fact of the matter is that crafting is an absolutely awesome way to fill your free time.

It’s a fabulous way to free your mind from any worries you may have while also putting a smile on someone’s face when you share your creations with loved ones.

That ‘Smart Fun Group’ is a hugely popular Facebook group that celebrates crafting and DIY things. We’ve collected some of their most stunning photos to inspire you to let your imagination run wild, Pandas. Remember to upgrade your favorite pics when you scroll down! And we’d love to hear all about what you enjoy crafting in your free time, so don’t be shy and drop by the comments.

The Crafty Fun Group is tons of fun and a reminder of how great we feel when we forget all the worries about work, school and family and just focus on creating something cool.

Indulging in your artistic side, whether it’s for 15 minutes a day or a few hours at a time, is a form of meditation. And it’s a reminder that humans are meant to do far more throughout the day than just work, eat, and sleep. We are destined to do greater things than just survive. But being successful means making some time for activities that you’ve put off for a while.

The team running the Crafty Fun Group advises that if you don’t like a post, keep scrolling and avoid arguments and swearing. Also, absolutely no sales are allowed. As for politics? Forget it! There is no room for political bickering in this Facebook group. You can take it somewhere else.

“Please be polite and treat people as you would like to be treated yourself!” The team behind the group is asking their members to remember the Golden Rule.

If you like the photos and plan to become a member, you must follow the rules. Start with what images you share. Anything you post must relate to the things you have handcrafted in one way or another. In short, the Facebook group is a place where you can do your best and also support other DIY creators… while having fun!

However, self-promotion is strictly prohibited. “Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links are not allowed. We do not allow private messages for sale/buy purposes. We allow Etsy sellers to include their shop links if they participate in our affiliate program. If you’re interested in using our Etsy affiliate link, contact the admin team, the people who run the group indicate this in their rules.

“We all work together to create a welcoming environment. Let’s treat everyone with respect. Healthy debate is natural, but kindness is required,” writes the Crafty Fun Group team. They add that irrelevant posts will not be approved. So stay smart, all the time!

Not a long time ago, Bored panda talked about hobbies, crafts and DIY with dr Paul Bones, an assistant professor of sociology at Texas Woman’s University. The academic works with wood as a hobbyand shared with us what drives his passion for what he does.

“I love woodworking for many reasons. I’m a disabled academic, so being able to make something tangible, something I can see and hold helps keep me grounded. And relatively healthy,” he said.

The nickel represents the year he was born, the quarter is the year he married my grandma, and the pennies are the years his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were born. Plus various items representing his hobbies and things he enjoys spending time with

Terra Rebeck report

DIY Halloween Decorations

My father always criticized my mother for her taste in Halloween. Over time they finally divorced, after a long grief over the divorce my mother decided to give herself another chance in love and what was the surprise we got one afternoon when we returned home.. Here I show you our beautiful decoration this year made by my mother’s wonderful friend

Shareableo report

“I also like that there is so much to learn and so much to do. I started rolling pins, then progressed to bottle caps, then bowls. Lately I’ve been working with insert rings and knives. It’s just a lot of fun learning new skills, applying them and seeing how I improve. It also gives me time to just sit by myself, detach from deadlines and emails and be more present in the moment. That keeps me stuck with woodwork,” said Dr. Bones previously in an interview with Bored Panda.

sliding curtain

I love waking up to it every morning. When my parents died, we inherited all of the family’s slides. My daughter drilled holes on all 4 sides and bought large jump rings and made a curtain out of it for my window. Depending on the position of the sun during the day, it reflects the most beautiful patterns on the wall and floor

Renata Espanata report

The professor noted that in his opinion, adaptability and patience are the most important things every woodworker must have.

“Woodworking is a skill that needs to be honed; nobody starts out as a master craftsman. Also remember that there are so many types of woodworking: turning, furniture making, carving, knife making, ring making, box making, etc. It can take a while to find the type of craft you like,” he said.

dr Bones said that anyone who wants to get started with woodworking can take the first steps by watching some instructional videos on YouTube. These are designed to help newbies decide which niche they actually want to focus on.

“As you watch, think about what types of crafts work with your temperament and the skills you have. For example, I don’t have the patience for hand carving or furniture making. But turning small objects like pins, rings, bottle caps and bowls? These are fast enough projects that I can have a finished product on in no time, and there’s enough variety that I don’t get bored,” he said.

“There’s an old saying that a poor craftsman blames his tools, and that’s mostly true. Woodworking tools can be very expensive, and in some cases price matches quality. However, there are many workshops and shops with top-notch equipment that can only craft mediocre items. Having the right tool for the job is really all that matters. Once you’ve got experience with it, you’ll know when it’s time to upgrade. That’s a skill too,” the woodworker told Bored Panda.

“I started working with wood after moving a few jobs across the country. I needed a table and a desk. I didn’t have much money then. Before that, I had worked in a furniture store for six years in grad school, so I had hands-on experience putting things together,” he told us.

“A trip home to a funeral introduced me to life edging and after playing with it for a while I became hooked. However, I didn’t have the space (or patience) to build furniture all the time, so a friend suggested a lathe to me. After I made about 50 pens, my wife requested that we try to sell what I make.”


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