5 tips to bring bohemian style into your bedroom


Bohemian spaces exude softness in every aspect, from richly draped fabrics to an abundance of cushions, throws, ottomans and rugs. The effect is romantic yet casual. Here, a daybed is covered in a range of textured throws and slipcovers that invite lounging. Woven silks, velvets and woven cushions reinforce the casual, throw-together aesthetic, but reveal carefully chosen intentions in color and form. A deep slate gray curtain hangs from the ceiling and provides a great contrast to the rustic wood paneling.

Because this is an aesthetic so deeply rooted in softness, you can maximize soft and draped elements for great effect. Layers are key. Instead of a single quilt or comforter, you can add more softness with throws in complementary colors and patterns that visibly contrast with one another. Instead of one big carpet The White Buffalo Styling Co. suggests lay several carpets on top of each other in different patterns and sizes. To add drama and visual effect, hang curtains and curtains slightly higher than the window frame or use them as room dividers in multipurpose rooms. Use sheer or crocheted curtains to drape around a bed or create an intimate reading nook over a chair.


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