5 questions for Knitty Kitty owner Kayla Pinkard


Q: How did Knitty Kitty start?

A: My husband is in the military and we move around a lot, so I started it in Alaska, so this is the “AK” part of Knitty Kitty. It’s Knitty Kitty Alaska.

Q: When and why did you start this business?

A: I started the business in Alaska in 2019. It was before the pandemic.

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Q: When did you discover your crochet and knitting craft?

A: Basically, from a very young age, my mother taught me how to knit, crochet, needle-punch, quilt, sew and pretty much anything you can do with any type of string to help me concentrate a little more, because with me was diagnosed with ADHD at a very young age. It was some kind of coping mechanism that I was taught and at a young age I was very obsessed with cats and that has carried on all my life. In fact, I turned my husband from a dog person into a cat person. Later in life, I moved away from ADHD and found out that I was misdiagnosed. I actually have OCD and some pretty different degrees of PTSD. CPTSD is technically what it is – a complex post-traumatic stress disorder – so it somehow helped me focus and regain awareness of where I was in life. It’s not just, “OK, I need to do something with my hands. Let’s do this. “It’s more like,” I need help processing these emotions, and some really bad things have happened, so I need to redirect my life this way. “I am fortunate to have a husband who who can support his family and this business so we get a little more steam. I don’t charge a profit. I charge more on materials, so when I set a price on something, it’s the bare minimum that it takes to make the product. My mission statement is basically this – I’ve suffered many losses in life, especially recently, and I want to spread more love and joy than there is pain and suffering the more love I try to produce.

Q: What are some of the different things that you make by knitting and crocheting?

A: I can reproduce pretty much anything that comes to mind or is seen on the Internet. I’ve made little things, big things like blankets and quilts, I’ve made tapestries like the needlepoints you pick up at Walmart? I’ve made things as small to as large as the ones you see on Amazon that are just giant needlepoint wall murals. A customer comes to me or turns to me and says, “Hey, my son or daughter loves this anime character.” I say, “Okay, do you like the lifelike anime or do you like the chibi style and more the caricatured ones Aspect of it? ” And they’ll say, “Oh, they like the chibi style.” So I look up to see if I can find the anime character and get an idea of ​​what it is and I can produce it.

Q: How long does it take you to create different items or custom orders?

A: It depends on the order. There’s this little Minecraft axelotl that I made that was pretty popular. It may take me a day to finish either of these depending on what kind of adjustments you want because mine allows you to change the color to pretty much anything, any other thread color, thread type, size, but if that’s the one The original axelotl I made that fits in the palm of my hand it can take me about four or five hours to twist one out.


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