4 spring fashion trends in Birmingham + what local influencers think

All trends of this spring. (LR Gian Martin/Funmiford/Ashleigh Alexis)

We are currently experiencing the fashion revival arc of the 60s and 70s. Think vintage knits, androgynous designs and flared pants. How are Birmingham micro-influencers styling for spring? Read on to find out.

Magic City Fashion Week 2022

Did you know that Birmingham has our very own fashion week? Magic City Fashion Week provides a platform for local designers to showcase their talents. This year’s theme revolves around what it means to be sustainable and inclusive in the fashion world.

“We all agree that ethics help us become better people – but what does that actually mean? The answers invite us into a full discussion of what ethical fashion is ability mean and how we, as consumers, can help brands become more transparent. The end result is much more about values ​​than rules, not unlike this entire movement.”

Randall Porter, Brand Strategist + Style Enthusiast

MCFW begins with the Recycled Runway at the Birmingham Museum of Art. Students can showcase their experimental and creative designs to the community.

Birmingham’s own brand strategist Randall Porter is all about creative styles. This year he sees the biggest trends in Birmingham Crochet pieces, gingham patterns and bras as outerwear.

“Retro 90’s fashion is making a comeback, but there are some 70’s trends – like big collars and baggy/flare pants. With COVID still in vogue, commuter clothing / effortless office and yet chic looks are in.”

Randall Porter, Brand Strategist + Style Enthusiast

Ashleigh Alexis is THE music and festival enthusiast from Birmingham. Those who want to unleash their creativity look to her for influence. True to her motto that confidence is the best accessory for any fit, she’s right now feeling confident about 2000’s and early ’90’s style inspo.

“I love the modernization of the [retro] Trend with the big white platform boots and colorful statement jewelry. It really shows how you can make something that is “out of style” your own. I will always love the creativity that goes into bringing back a trend!”

Ashleigh Alexis, Photographer

3. Bold Colors, Mini Skirts, Platforms + Necklines | 📲 @funmiford

Funmi is looking forward to the World Games this season as it’s a great way to showcase Birmingham’s trendiest clothing. She is also a big proponent of shopping in black-owned stores.

BONUS: The NEW Magic City Match grant program is helping Birmingham’s black-owned businesses thrive.

“Four spring trends in Birmingham I’m looking forward to and you’ll be seeing all over your social media for the coming season are bold, bright colors and hues! Don’t forget to add some color blocking to those light shades! Next is platform anything!

Next comes the mini skirt! We know Y2K style is on trend, so this spring opt for a mini skirt with maybe a halter top and cardigan. And the last trend I’m looking forward to is necklines and drapes! When it comes to clothing, opt for a little neckline detail or draping to add some romance to the look.”

Funmiford, content creator

4. Timeless neutral with a touch of colour📲 @kameronmonet

Kameron Monet does it all – balancing her role as a content creator with her work as a licensed attorney. She embodies the professional trends and has become a mentor for students wishing to enter law school. This spring she’s adding a touch of color to the Birmingham trends, complementing her neutral and timeless looks.

“I love the gingham and this spring ’70s style! I also think bold colors will be big this season.”

Kameron Monet, Licensed Attorney, Content Creator + Influencer Marketing Consultant

What spring fashion trends are you seeing in Birmingham? Tag us @BhamNow and let us know!


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