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When it comes to finding the perfect flower girl dress, the pressures can be big. Not only does it need to be approved by the bride (or both brides, or the groom or both grooms) and match the color scheme and attire of the wedding, it also needs to be comfortable enough for your daughter to wear and make down the aisle without it having a fit … or just taking it off completely. Oh, children.

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Flower girl dresses don’t have to be big and poofy, but they definitely can be. There are several styles to choose from including fancy black tie weddings, boho for bohemian weddings, and more casual dresses that can be worn for other occasions as well. Hooray, that you can use a dress more than once!

Before making your purchase, it is a good idea to check with the relevant powers (also known as the bride) to make sure you are on the same page. Your daughter is clearly going to be the cutest part of the wedding ceremony, and everyone knows she can literally wear anything and be adorable, but the dress matters. It’s an honor to be part of a wedding, so you and your child can’t do the least thing. We children, we children. Somehow.

Take a look at our list of beautiful and chic flower girl dresses in all styles below.

Best flower girl dresses

When a flower girl dress is so pretty and comfortable and your daughter adds it to her dress up collection after the wedding, you know you made a good purchase. This model has a stunning A-line back with lace on top and a soft tutu on the bottom. It is available in 38 styles, with sleeveless and long sleeves.

Available in sizes 0-6 months to 10.

$ 28.99 AT AMAZON

Is a flower girl dress even a flower girl dress if it’s not made of tulle with a pretty bow? This dress is more stunning with its A-line back and large bow and just about anything. It comes in seven gorgeous colors.

Find it in sizes 12 months to 10.

$ 77.40 AT ETSY

Weddings are all about love, so a flower girl dress with a sweetheart neckline on the back makes sense. The top of the dress is trimmed with sequins and the skirt is made of tulle with a satin lining and a ribbon along the waist. It’s available in 34 colors so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that goes with the wedding color scheme.

It is available in sizes 2T to 10.

$ 43.99 AT AMAZON

You and your daughter will love this cute sequin dress with an attached tulle skirt. The top of the dress is made of sequins with a huge sequin bow in the back, because yes, sequins are life. It is available in 31 colors and each option comes with a matching bow headband.

Available in sizes from 12 months to 8 months.

$ 24.99 AT AMAZON

We love finding beautiful dresses on Etsy because they are just so stunning and unique. It’s also a great thing to support small businesses. This dress from AylinkaShop consists of a crochet top and a tulle bottom. It’s the perfect mix of casual and fancy. It’s available in three colors: blush pink, ivory, and gray – or you can choose a custom color.

Available in sizes from 12 to 14 months.

$ 89.24 AT ETSY

If the bride’s wedding is elegant but still fun, this dress is a great option to match her mood. The upper part of the dress is made of satin with a large bow in the back (the elegant part) and the lower part is made of tulle (the fun part). It is available in 18 colors in knee length and floor length.

It is available in sizes 6 to 9 months to 12 months.

$ 135.65 AT ETSY

The best flower girl dresses for toddlers

Take a look at this cute cutout back tutu and sequin dress, specially designed for babies and toddlers who may not even make it to the altar. You know how to do it. But they’ll look adorable, so at least there is. It comes in nine colors.

It is available in sizes 0-6 months to 6T.

$ 20.97 AT AMAZON

Oh how we love this long flower girl dress that has a sequin sash around the waist and a bow in the back. It comes in 24 colors. One reviewer wrote: “The skirt is very voluminous and my daughter and nieces love it. It was very wearer-friendly for such a chic dress. “

Available in sizes 2T to 12.

$ 45.99 AT AMAZON

This dress with fluttering lace sleeves is ideal for spring or summer weddings with a more casual dress code. It is handmade in Spain with lace inserts. It has a square neckline and a pretty bow in the back. No doubt it’s an expensive dress, but for a look this classic it might be worth it if you can.

It is available in sizes 12-14.


Best boho flower girl dresses

We love this boho dress with lace and pearl flowers and a tulle skirt. According to reviews, the size is right and the quality is excellent. One reviewer wrote, “Let me just tell you that the quality of this dress is SO much better than I expected and it really couldn’t be more perfect. It’s darling. “

It is available in sizes 1-2T to 5T.

$ 20.99 AT AMAZON

Okay, this one is pretty similar to another one on our list, but the skirt is straight and less poofy. And while poofy dresses can be fun and festive, some kids just don’t like them. This beautiful dress is available in 38 colors both with long sleeves and without sleeves.

It is available in sizes 6 months to 14-16.

$ 33.99 AT AMAZON

A big bonus when you buy an Etsy dress for your daughter is its uniqueness. The chances of someone seeing such a perfectly stunning dress like this are probably slim. The vintage-inspired dress consists of beautiful crochet bodice lace with cap sleeves and an ankle-length tulle skirt.

It is available in sizes 0-3 months to 16 months.

$ 62.99 AT ETSY

Best ivory flower girl dresses

If you are looking for a lace dress for your little flower girl, there is nothing more perfect than this. Seriously, this is one of our all-time favorites. There is a cotton slip under the soft tip. It comes in 12 colors. Although the dress is cheap, despite the price, many reviewers are happy with the quality of the fabric and workmanship.

It is available in sizes newborn to 14-16.

$ 22.99 AT AMAZON

We love the simplicity of this dress. Fancy shoes would spice it up a bit or keep things casual with sandals or no shoes. It comes in a couple of colors, but reviewers suggest sticking with ivory. One reviewer wrote: “The ivory color is much nicer than the off-white (which appears more ‘nuptial’ in color), while the ivory color has a timeless look.”

This is available in sizes 2T to 14.

$ 19.99 AT AMAZON

This ivory satin, lace, and tulle dress may or may not overshadow the bride (let’s hope it doesn’t, but you probably won’t be pissed off if it does either). Reviewers recommend ordering a size smaller as it turns out a bit large. It is available in both ivory and pink.

It is available in sizes 2T to 10.


Best blushed flower girl dresses

There is something so ethereal about this dress. The lace, the embroidered butterflies, the pale pink puffed tulle – everything is just beautiful.

It is available in sizes 2T to 12.

$ 69.00 AT AMAZON

Here is a beautiful classic look dress that will make your daughter feel like she is in a fairy tale. On the back there is a lacing and the most beautiful lace on the tulle skirt. Reviewers say their kids didn’t even complain about the dress being itchy or uncomfortable, which is totally worth it.

It is available in sizes 2T to 12.

$ 45.99 AT AMAZON

Flower girl dresses weren’t as beautiful when we were kids, right? They were cute, but in a terrible way. This pretty one shoulder dress is made from sequins and tulle and has a cute bow on the shoulder. It is available in 33 colors. One reviewer wrote, “This dress is beautiful and stunning in person. My daughter has received a lot of compliments and the dress fits perfectly. The sequins didn’t bother her at all. (As some sequin dresses tend to do near the arms). “

Available in sizes 2T to 12.

$ 48.99

Best cheap flower girl dresses

This dress has a handmade lace bodice with a layered tulle skirt and a large bow at the back waist. It’s soft, plain, and cute, and comes in 10 colors, with options for sleeveless or long sleeves.

It is available in sizes 2T to 12.

$ 27.99 AT AMAZON

Check out this cute boho tulle dress for toddlers that comes with an even cuter floral headband. If you can convince your little one to step on the altar (easier said than done, we know), she will be the talking point of the wedding. The dress is available in 15 colors, including a few rainbow colors, which are also fun for birthday parties or for dressing up.

Available in sizes 6 months to 3T.

$ 17.99 AT AMAZON

If your daughter has been invited to be a flower girl at a wedding who loves color and fun, this dress is a great option. The top is embroidered with hearts, the skirt with stars and the entire dress is rainbow-colored. In addition a poofy tulle skirt. It’s not much more fun than this. It is available in 17 colors, each just as colorful as the others.

Available in 2T to 14.

$ 32.99 AT AMAZON

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Topmaker lace dress

$ 28.99

ekidsbridal dress with a sweetheart neckline

$ 43.99

Cilucu sequin dress

$ 24.99

AylinkaShop Boho crochet dress

$ 89.24

TheFlowerGirl dress made of satin and tulle

$ 135.65

Xipai princess dress

$ 20.97

ekidsbridal ruffle dress

$ 45.99

Maisonette Iris ceremonial dress

$ 345

April girls lace dress

$ 22.99

Egelexy vintage lace dress with floral pattern

$ 20.99

2Bunnies tulle dress

$ 33.99

NicolettesCouture bohemian rustic dress

$ 62.99

StylishBrideAccs lace dress

$ 45.50

Thelittlekitten23 Burnt Orange Tulle Dre …

$ 64.80

Arao sister lace dress

$ 27.99

Bow Dream vintage ivory dress

$ 19.99

Pluviophily ivory backless dress

Abaowedding lace dress

$ 69.00

Abao sister lace dress

$ 45.99

ekidsbridal tutu dress with sequins

$ 48.99

BGFKS tulle dress with flower headband

$ 17.99

Weilenice rainbow tulle dress

$ 32.99

PinkPeonyByKaterina tulle dress

$ 77.40


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