20 beach looks that will inspire your next summer trip


When you think of going on vacation, do you picture yourself lying on a beach? Corresponding Travel + LeisureFlorida, Panama, Mexico and Greece are home to beautiful beaches and are popular and affordable vacation destinations.

Whether you’re here for a romantic getaway, a solo trip, or a getaway with friends, a beach vacation is usually always a good time because it’s easy to switch off and relax. Nothing is busy and hectic on the beach; It’s a stark contrast to a busy office environment. When the water is clear and the sand is soft, the beach feels even more magical.

Something else that makes a trip to the beach fun is being able to wear your favorite swimwear looks. Of course, a bathing suit goes without saying, but what else do you wear to spread beach vibes? Corresponding Mood designer fabricsFashion is all about keeping up with ever-changing trends and knowing what’s hot right now. it can be moody, but that’s what makes it so fun. Here are some fabulously trendy pieces to add to your beach look.

Cross-cut crop top

There’s something very flirty and fun about wearing a crop top. And criss-cross cuts top off the sultry factor by showing off even more skin, which is perfect for the beach. Check out La’Mazi Instagram for style inspo. The brand’s crossover crop tops are just revealing enough without being vulgar.

Off the shoulder top

If you’re wearing a bandeau-style bikini, an off-the-shoulder top or dress can make a cute cover-up. The style is flattering and breezy, as evidenced by the options from UK-based brand Lindsay Brown Instagram. This style can really suit anyone.

Strapless tops can also be combined with denim shorts, mini skirts or flowy maxi skirts for many outfit variations.


Mini skirts show off your legs in a fun and flirty way and are perfect for warm beach days. You can just throw a bikini under your mini and be on your way. Another plus for mini skirts is that they also come in a huge range of colors and patterns like those designed by Debbie Dannheisser Threads Instagram.

Crochet crop top

There is something very unconventional about a crochet crop top and would definitely make a statement. Take a look at Spirit + Thread Instagram for styling ideas. The brand’s orange crochet crop top is absolutely perfect for a trip to the beach.

The best part about wearing a crochet crop top is that you can accessorize it with stunning boho style jewelry like feathered earrings and necklaces and stacked turquoise bracelets and rings.

Backless Romper

Similar to summer dresses, but much more unexpected, backless rompers are great for beach days. Wearing one is a chic and sexy way to show off your back and soak up the sun. Influencer @susyydarling_ on totally rocks the look Instagram. Combine your romper with your bikini and cute shoes and jewellery.

Cut out dress

Cut-out dresses are sexy and add drama. Consider one the next time you’re enjoying a warm summer day at the beach. Cut-out dresses are just as trendy as cut-out crop tops, giving the illusion of hiding more of your stomach, hips and legs. However, only slightly. Options from LadyTee Collection LLC Instagram ensure a total holiday mood.

Short summer dress

Sundresses come in all shapes and sizes, but short sundresses are a top choice when it comes to the perfect beachwear attire. Influencer Isabela shares many sundress styles Instagram for her more than 220,000 followers. Her red sundress, pictured above, had material that gathered in the stomach area to give the appearance of an impeccably cinched waist. She accessorized it with a simple necklace.

Ripped denim shorts

It’s common to see people in jean shorts on the beach. But when these denim shorts are a bit ripped and sturdy, they often look even trendier than plain denim shorts. This acid wash pair is featured by South + Main Boutique Instagram would look great with swimsuits or t-shirts.

Sleeveless vest

A sleeveless vest might be an unexpected piece of clothing to wear over a bikini before your next trip to the beach, but trust us, it works. Look for colorful prints and lightweight fabrics like linen or crochet. This option from The Tickled Pink Boutique Instagram it would be perfect. And because your arms and shoulders are not covered by any fabric, you can soak up the sun right after you get out of the car. Just don’t forget the sunscreen.

Ruffled trim shorts

When you’re dressed in clothes that make you feel good on the outside, you generally feel good on the inside to match that mood. And fun and flirty ruffle trim shorts can definitely put you in a good mood. Like this blush pair from Saskia on Instagramalso look great on the beach and can easily be pulled over a bathing suit.

Romper with belt

Rompers look cute worn to picnics and dates in the park, but they also look fabulous worn to the beach. The belt helps accentuate your waist, and the loose fabric is comfortable and keeps you cool when the temperatures rise. We love this light and airy look from Cocowillow Instagram.

Loose scarf

Do you want to feel covered at the beach and still have the option to show some skin sometimes? Look no further than a stylish scarf to do the trick. Towels complete every beach day look and are available in many different color combinations and fabric weights. Mungo’s beach scarves, as shown in Instagramcome in gorgeous prints and are versatile enough to be used as towels.

maxi dress

One thing that makes maxi dresses great for wearing to the beach is the way they flow with the wind to give off a relaxed, breezy vibe. Maxi dresses are long and loose enough to flatter all body types, so feel encouraged to rock with confidence. This colorful variant from B/W/F Instagram just screams beach day.

T-shirt dress

Seeing a t-shirt transformed into a dress on someone like influencer Becciabey Instagram is your inspiration to try this cute style for a day at the beach. T-shirt dresses are known for being casual and fun, which means you never look like you’re trying too hard when you pull one of these out of your closet. And using an actual t-shirt as a dress is fashion innovation at its finest.

tennis skirt

There are no laws in any rule book that say tennis skirts are reserved for tennis courts only. Influencer Natalie King makes her personal tennis skirt look stunning Instagram. And you can totally customize the look for a day of fun in the sun. Just add a bathing suit and water!

cargo skirt

Cargo skirts are all the rage in the fashion world these days. When people think of cargo fabric, they usually think of cargo shorts or pants, but skirts deserve just as much love, especially if you wear them to the beach. On Instagram, Fntsyangels has noted some iconic examples of cargo skirts and the different ways they can be styled. Wearing them with a bikini is definitely the way to go.

mesh dress

Because mesh dresses cover you without actually covering you, they create a very flirty and fun illusion. Continue according to Hidden Fashion Instagram, Mesh dresses make staying at home look good, but dresses this flashy don’t deserve to be tucked away in your house. A great place to rock one of these would be on the beach so it reveals the detailing and color of your swimsuit underneath.

V-neck tank top

A V-neck tank top shows off your arms, shoulders, chest, and back while still covering your midsection a bit. V-neck tank top by influencer Kiarra Brooke Instagram proves that this style is an absolute winner. Wear a simple black or white V-neck tank top and a colorful bikini to the beach. It will totally pop.

Oversized button placket

Model Mecah May Wirht drew attention to herself on Instagram Instagram about wearing oversized button-ups during her pregnancy, she started a fashion movement. However, oversized button-ups are not just reserved for women expecting a baby. They can be worn for a fun day at the beach as they are so easy to put on and take off and are very forgiving. The casual comfort and style of an oversized button placket is undeniable.

floral prints

Most fashion lovers who care about keeping up with trends know that beachwear is all about floral prints. Floral prints go with everything you want to wear to the beach, from accessories and throws to shoes and swimsuits, just like this adorable bikini from Kamoni on Instagram. When you wear a floral print to the beach, you embody a sense of the beauty of nature.


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