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I talk a lot about my Chopova Lowena skirts, but they justify it! The snap-hook skirts are so dramatic that I am regularly stopped by strangers on the street asking where I can get them. A man once stepped up to my outdoor dining table to ask where he could get one for his daughter! Walking around in 10 meters of taffeta is practically a beacon to talk to me. It was a lovely form of connection in these strange, disconnected times.

Chopova Lowena black and red midi skirt with key ring

Charlotte Diamond, Associate Fashion Editor

My gold K Kane letter necklace is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, and it probably gets the most compliments from anything I wear! It’s such a unique take on the name tag necklace, and the chain is so strong that it has miraculously not broken after being worn every day for the past two years. I am also obsessed with everything monbouquette related. Whenever I wear the brand’s gold and pearl-studded Sarah necklace – which happens quite often – people are amazed at the delicate pearls and eye-catching gold elements. Jenny and Lily Monbouquette, the lovable ladies behind the brand, have thought through all of their pieces so carefully and are truly some of the most wonderful women I know!

K Kane necklace with letter chain made of 14 carat gold

Monbouquette jewelry Sarah pearl necklace

Lilah Ramzi, trade editor

I get the most compliments for my Grace Box Bag from Mark Cross. I’ve coveted this bag for years (I fell for it badly after learning about her Grace Kelly link in) The rear window), and two years ago I finally splurged. It’s as classic as a handbag can be and my favorite part is the bright red leather interior. It’s the epitome of chic!

Mark Cross Grace small box bag

Samantha Sussman, Director, Creative Development, Social + Visuals

These Ancient Greek x HVN sandals are more than just a beautiful and comfortable summer shoe. With the number of people who have reached out to me to find out where they are from, they have done wonders for my reintroduction into society after the quarantine!

Ancient Greek Sandals x HVN Clio leather sandals with fruit embroidery

Madeline Fass, market editor

I brought this crochet hair scarf to Rincon earlier this summer, and despite its small size, it made a big impact – in person and (where else) on Instagram. It’s one of the few items that doesn’t take up space in your suitcase and yet has the power to transform anything you’ve packed into a more orderly look. It was also a charming accessory for a day on a catamaran. I swear it wasn’t planned! It’s really nothing but net.

Janessa Leone Caro crocheted headscarf

Willow Lindley, accessories director

I’ve been wearing this Caudalie perfume (and only this Caudalie perfume) for years, and everyone from taxi drivers to coworkers has asked me what it is.

Caudalie Thé des Vignes Eau de Toilette

Alexis Bennett, Commerce Author

I upgraded my shabby reusable bag with this roomy leather bag and I’ve been getting compliments all the time since then. I love it because it’s roomy enough for my laptop, a water bottle, and an extra pair of shoes. It has a sleek, minimalist silhouette that goes with any outfit, but the unique gold bar clasp really catches the eye.

Chioma Nnadi, Global Network Lead & Editor, Vogue.com

I’ve never found my hands particularly pretty, so it was always a bit difficult to find the right ring, as much as I love jewelry. Strangely enough, however, it’s the little ring I wear religiously that gets me the most compliments. Two jewelry designers who are friends and who run the En Studio label tailor-made it for me with a light blue chalcedony crystal as the centerpiece. It’s chunky and heavy, so it doesn’t feel too precious, but it’s still very special.

DE jewelry studio stone quartz and diamond temple ring

DE jewelry studio silver temple ring

Emily Farra, Senior Fashion News Writer

I firmly believe in investing in timeless yet distinctive jewelry that you can wear every day. Whether in jeans or a cocktail dress, I usually wear the same things: my Foundrae medallion necklace, Lizzie Fortunato charm earrings, a handful of rings, and five tiny bracelets that I never take off (some are welded on, so I actually can’t). They are pieces that go with anything but are also unique enough to get a lot of questions and compliments – and I feel attracted to even the simplest of outfits.

Foundrae Baby Karma medallion on yellow gold mixed Belcher necklace

Azlee zodiac coin ring

Lizzie Fortunato Green Amethyst and Pink Tourmaline 14 Karat Earring Pendant

Arden Fanning, contributor

Before the world changed, I was invited to a Chanel opening party that Abby Dunn hosted for the Chicago Oak Street location (with similar marble walls), followed by dinner at Le Colonial. Azeeza’s flagship is within walking distance so we got ready there and I put on this babydoll that she had just made that I still call “Angel BB”. Every time someone added it, I said, “She designed it!” (proudly shows) it Romy and Michele Hype Girl Luxury Tour. According to legend, she saw orders coming in the next day. It’s classic in this heavenly way – I’ll always love a mini dress cut with a little wiggle room.

Azeeza Kam mini dress with puff sleeves

Christian Allaire, fashion and style writer

My friend Elias Jade Not Afraid is a great pearl artist. He gave me this cuff and it is one of my most precious possessions. Whenever I wear it, people will literally stop me on the street to admire it. It glitters in the sun!

Elias Jade Not Afraid custom pearl cuff

Lauren Sanchez, business manager and contributing editor

When I was little, I found this little no-name necklace in an antique shop while shopping with my grandma. Without saying a word, she waved to the cashier when she saw that I couldn’t take my eyes off the tiny envelope. It’s such a sweet memory of her and one that I keep going back to when people ask about it. Inside is a small golden piece of paper with the words “All my love”. Something tells me it should be.

Capsul custom envelope locket necklace

Concetta Ciarlo, Special Events Assistant

I love vintage fashion and my favorite finds are accessories from the late 90s. The item that always gets me the most compliments is my tinted Chanel sunglasses. Granted, they don’t protect my eyes very much from the sun, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing them all summer.

Vintage Chanel Swarovski sunglasses

Ian Malone, Experience Manager

I have long admired GmBh, the Berlin brand known for its androgynous clubwear. When I bought sky blue wide-leg patent leather pants this summer, I feared I would rarely wear them. I’ve experienced the opposite problem. I’ve worn them everywhere from the Sustainability Style Awards (pictured above with my stunning colleague Jasmine Contomichalos) to the launch of 4AM Skin, to an intimate dinner at Sona (where they go perfectly with the bathrooms!). The pants have received a lot of compliments, raised eyebrows, and countless inquiries about their breathability.

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