15 Halloween wagon decorations you can make yourself or buy off the shelf


There’s nothing quite like lugging your tired, sweaty, sugary kid around trick-or-treating this Halloween — unless you’re pulling them around in a Halloween float instead. Trick or treating is one of those holiday activities that always seems fun at the beginning but gets tiring in the end. Adding a wagon to the trick-or-treating festivities means you have a place to sit tired kids, store discarded costume pieces, or hold a broken bag of candy. Don’t just haul a simple wagon around this fall, though. decorate it! Whether you have an old-school metal radio flyer or a new collapsible swagger wagon, there are tons of creative Halloween wagon ideas to turn it into a costume on wheels.

There are Halloween float decor options you can order from Target or other retailers that don’t require any creativity or DIY know-how. Tape a cardboard pirate ship to your wagon, throw your kid an eye patch and a ripped shirt, and you’re ready to hit the streets. There are just as many options from the creative minds of the internet – The Mommy Bloggers – as well as Etsy creations. Put monster jam on and get out the hot glue gun to create a gilded Cinderella pumpkin wagon or family weather system by decorating your wagon. Regardless of your skill level or budget, incorporating a Halloween-themed float into your trick-or-treating night isn’t that hard.

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pirate ship

This prebuilt pirate ship Target wagon decorations are an easy choice that will impress even your swashbuckling toddler. Add an pirate costume to your curbside order, and Halloween is done.


Rolling Cabbage Patch

The creative minds behind it beginner moms You have a great idea how to turn your wagon into one rolling patch of cabbage with a simple shield and whimsical garland. This is a smart costume for those who don’t have a lot of crafting skills. With a cute outfit, a crochet wigand your own adorable baby, this easy carriage costume is complete.


Rainbow wagon kit

The best part Dare Rainbow Accessory Kit is the variety of options for the child/children riding in it. A leprechaun, unicornor even just a cute kid in cute rain gear are all absolutely adorable options for cruising from house to house in a rainbow.


circus wagon

We’ve all had moments that made our toddlers feel like real animals, so this Circus wagon idea is a suitable choice for any little wild thing. A few dowel rods and a simple cutout decor are all it takes to transform your wagon into a cage for the king (or queen) of the forest. Add a lion costume or really any animal costume and you have a mobile zoo.


fire truck

Of all the hyper fixations in toddlers, fire engines are probably in the top ten. There hasn’t been any hard research, but it’s a solid guess. Target has a fire engine cover for your car. Driver options include firefighters and delightfully small Dalmatian.


garbage truck

Little kids love garbage trucks; that is scientific fact. Instead of yelling at the front window to watch them at work each week, why not let them drive themselves? Rookie Moms Blog describes all the steps for a garbage truck. Even if you’re not smart, it’s easier than you might think. The kids costume to the truck is easy – some reflective construction equipment and your work is done.


Patriotic parade float

Floats have been a key element in the planning of small town parades for eons, so head down to this parade decoration hub to achieve the foundation of this costume. The options are endless for the driver in a patriotic car. historical figures, Uncle Samor just a collection of random red, white, and blue clothes that you happen to already have.


Sweet little squeaker

The DIY pros at Princess Pinky Girl Blog have a heavy cart mousetrap with real wood, but you can DIY this costume with cardboard and some PVC pipes painted silver. Don’t miss the cheese-adorned pacifier here – it really completes it baby mouse Costume.


A royal carriage

Hopefully the trick-or-treating in your town ends well before midnight, though most little kids turn into pumpkins (or melt from sugar overload) well before that. This DIY Pumpkin Wagon Costume by Princess Pinky Girl Blog looks whimsical and chic thanks to the battery operated fairy lights and tulle. Add your pint-sized costume Cinderella and go to the ball


What is for dinner?

This Food Truck Costume by The Merrythought Blog can be carried or placed on a pram or pram – it’s quite versatile. Let your little one be creative. is it an ice cream truck A cereal truck? Happy meals on wheels? The possibilities are endless.


rain or shine

A packet of cotton wool (or a few torn apart old pillows) and a simple rainbow on a poster board will do the trick family weather costume from Sugar and Cloth Blog in no time. Hey, when it’s chilly on Halloween night your little one will definitely appreciate the extra insulation.


GI Joe (or Jane)

Get to the top of the trick-or-treating line by dressing up your car with these individual tank costume. This Etsy shop has a few wagon skins to try, but this one works perfectly with a little camouflage Costume.


court friends

As a parent of a small child, you are already used to waking up with the morning sun. This Barn and Peep Costume is therefore suitable for your little early riser. This basic DIY costume is made with cardboard cutouts attached to each carriage and painted. Add an chick or another barn animal to complete the look.


Breakfast on the go

Always dreamed of owning a bougie toaster but can’t afford one? Transform your toddler into a high-end gadget with just a bit of cardboard and accessories Toaster trolley tutorial by StudioDIY. Of course, you can make the toaster from any brand. Your child will look just as adorable rolling down the street in a Hamilton Beach bargain special.


Jurassic Park conversion

There is a new generation of artists on Etsy creating custom railroad car accessories. This Jurassic Park conversion of a simple Wonderfold wagon is perfect for someone who is new to DIY projects but wants something unique. There is a lot of space for a few Pint-sized dinosaurs to hop in.

Whether you’re showing off your DIY skills or buying something that requires no skills at all, there’s a Halloween wagon costume that will make your child totally Instagrammable while also providing a practical way to bring the candy home. It’s amazing what a few pieces of cardboard and a little ingenuity can do.


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