10 home decor brands rooted in sustainability and craftsmanship


Indian craftsmanship and age-old techniques of embroidery, sewing and weaving are having their well-deserved moment in the sun with the emergence of several home decor brands reviving these practices, employing artisans and bringing a contemporary flair with fresh designs. Being sustainable, using eco-friendly packaging and embracing the slow, mindful production cycle are other philosophies that make them better for the environment.

If you’re renovating your home or need a new addition to liven up the decor, make your choice from this curated list of 10 brands.

Kar Conscious Life

Kar Conscious Living, a home textiles brand offering pillowcases, napkins, throws and bed linen, focuses on the meaning of Indian textiles through raw fabrics and subtle designs, revealing the essence of their weaves. Derived from the word ‘Karigar’, the brand employs skilled artisans in Uttarakhand to create hand-sewn products using knitting and crocheting techniques. Using materials such as organically washed organic cotton and handwoven wool, the collections are inspired by nature and the art and culture of indigenous tribes. Jessica Marwah, Meenu Marwah and Akash Gulati, the founders of Kar, aim to enhance and enhance Indian techniques such as block printing and embroidery in a contemporary way.


Established in 2019, this fledgling design company creates contemporary luxury decor from India’s deep-rooted crafts and traditions, rich in craftsmanship. “Chaotic harmony is what defines Arisaa’s design language. It is inspired by the city in which it is based – Ahmedabad. A city that is as old as new, fast-paced but also very relaxed. These strong contrasts are visible in Arisaa’s products,” says founder Aashka Desai. The brand offers made-to-order rugs, spatial installations and collectibles to reduce its environmental impact. Using reusable materials for their products is another sustainable approach they are taking.


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