Where to get a mini loan

Where to get an online mini-loan is Spain

Where to get an online mini-loan is Spain

” Where to get a mini loan ” is the query that comes to our email and which we are going to order today. If you have entered thinking I need money urgently, and you want to know where to get a quick mini loan, keep reading, because you have made the right decision. 

As always when we publish an email of those that our users send us, and that we find very interesting, in order for other people to benefit from the response, we reflect it in today’s article, answering the question of where to get a mini-loan Obviously without giving any personal information of the person who writes to us.

This is how our visitor told us his case:

Subject: Where to get a mini loan


I write to you with the hope of knowing if you can guide me to get a loan of 1000 euros. I am a worker in the construction sector and right now I am unemployed, although I charge the unemployment benefit (915 euros). I just started charging it and I have, for the moment, 2 years, although I hope to find another job quickly, but you know how things are. Especially in Madrid, which is exaggerated unemployment.

Where to get a mini-loan

The issue is that I have a 17-year-old son who is studying and needs a new computer, since the one we had was spoiled by the use of many years already. Since right now I do not have the normal income I had before, when I was unemployed, I did not want to wait for work to buy it, since this course is very important for him and the computer is necessary for his studies and work he does in class.

The reason why I ask them how to get a mini loan, is that at first I thought about finding out if they would give me a loan of 1000 euros in the bank that I use for normal procedures, such as charging the unemployment or paying the bills from home. But it is the case that I am in Financial Credit Institutions, and they have told me that they can not give loans while in Financial Credit Institutions. I do not know if it’s always like that, but at least in my case, yes.

I asked my sister, who works in an advisory, where to get a mini loan, and she told me to search the internet. It’s what I did and your page came out in the results, so that’s my question, where to get a quick credit.

Our answer

Dear user,

We are pleased to inform you that, in fact, your sister is right and now it is possible to get 1000 euros or more, being in Financial Credit Institutions (although under certain conditions, according to the financial). It is understandable that you have had difficulties in obtaining this capital in traditional physical banking, since they do not usually grant microcredits to people included in delinquency lists. Given the great growth of such delinquency in our country, although it seems that it is noticing some improvement, but certainly not for today.

As we have already created an article where we explain how to get a mini loan with Financial Credit Institutions (click on the link to go), we refer you to it, so you can immediately get your money quickly and safely.

Receive a warm greeting from our team, we hope you will get that micro-credit of one thousand euros for your child’s computer.

This has been the testimony of our sender, along with our response. You will surely have gotten your loan online, since now you know where and how to do it.

We remind our readers that if your case is not that of being on a Financial Credit Institutions type list, it is best to start by looking for among the financiers that grant their mini loans for the first application.