Pulli mit MusterSize 34/36 (38/40)
The figures for sizes 38/40 are in brackets. If there is only one indication, it is valid for both sizes.

Lana Grossa quality “Nice” (74% cotton, 25% polyester, 1% polyester (metallized), LL = approx. 115 m / 50 g) approx. 350 (400) g Soft blue / Gray / Beige / Silver (Fb 13); Knitting needles No. 4, 1 wool crochet No. 3,5.

Nodules border:
The 1st M every R as Rechtsstr. dep. The last M each R re str. Note: All parts with knot edge work!

Kraus re :
Back and forth row st.

After knitting str. The numbers on the outside are the Hin-R, the outside of the back-R. Start in the width with the sts in front of the 1st arrow and continue with sts = 13 sts between the arrows, ending with the sts after the 2nd arrow. In the height the 1.-40. R1xstr., Then this 40 R continues wdh.

Knitting tension:
19 M and 44 R curl with Nd. 4 = 10 x 10 cm; 20 M and 40 R Zackenajourdmuster with Nd. No. 4 knitted = 10 x 10 cm. Note: The arrows in the diagram indicate the direction of knitting! Knit back and front crosswise. The sleeves work from the bottom up.

Cross in the direction of the arrow str. For 106 M with Nd. Cast on No. 4. First 1 (3) cm) = 4 (14) R garter st. Then in Zackenajourdmuster weiterarb. = 8 MS. After 40 cm = 160 R from the start of the pattern add another 1 (3) cm = 4 (14) R. Then cast off the M loosely.

As the back part str.

63 (67) M with Nd. Cast on No. 4. Kraus re str. After 10 cm = 44 R from stop, cast off all sts loose.

Working out:
Stretch parts, moisten and allow to dry. Back and front part in the direction of knitting, lay knitting direction li on top of each other. Then close the shoulder seams for 8 (10) cm each and the side seams each over 36 (35) cm according to the cut pattern. With the crochet. No.3.5 Crochet the neckline edge with 1 round Kettm. Insert sleeves.