Summer pullover in raspberry red

Summer pullover in raspberry red

Summer pullover in raspberry red

Strickpulli in HimbeerrotSize 36/38 (40/42 – 44/46)
The figures for size 40/42 are in brackets, for size 44/46 after the indent. If there is only one indication, it applies to all three sizes.

Lana Grossa quality “Solo Lino Mélange” (80% recycled linen (viscose), 20% linen, LL = approx. 105 m / 50 g): approx. 450 (500 – 550) g, marinated red (Fb. 110) ; Knitting needles No. 4 and 5, each 1 circular needles No. 4 and 5, 60 cm long.

Smooth re:
Reverse, reverse R str.

Smooth li:
Back-to-back, back-right st. In Rd only left st.

Hole pattern A:
After knitting A over 5 sts. The numbers on the outside indicate the Hin-R. In the back-R the M and U li str. In the height the 1. – 4. R 1x str., Then this 4 R always wdh.

Hole pattern B:
As hole pattern A, but after knitting B str.

Stressed decreases [sleeves]:
At the R beginning after the 4th M 2 M coated zus.-str. [= 1 st as for right st. dep., which follow. and drag the lifted M over it]. At the R-end before the last 4 sts. Note: If the declines are made directly on the hole pattern R, then at the beginning of R 3 sts instead of 2 sts. For 1 M as Rechtsstr. Dep., which follow. 2 M re zus.-str. and drag the lifted M over it. At the R-end 3 sts instead of 2 sts together.

Knitting tension:
18 M and 21 R smooth with Nd. No. 5 = 10 x 10 cm.

92 (100 – 108) M with Nd. Cast on No. 4. For the narrow trim, work 1 cm = 2 rows in stocking sts. Then with Nd. No. 5 in succession graduation: 5 M hole pattern A, 82 (90 – 98) M smooth re, 5 M hole pattern B. After 35 cm = 74 R from the iris end beids. mark the beginning of the armholes and continue straight ahead. In 18 (19 – 20) cm = 38 (40 – 42) R armhole height beids. for shoulder straps cast off 3 (4 – 5) sts, then cast off 6 sts 3 times in each 2nd row (3 times 4 sts each time and 3 times 3 sts each – 6 times 4 sts each). In the following row, cast off the remaining 50 sts for the straight neckline edge.

Like the back part, but with a round neckline. For the same time with the 1st shoulder decrease the mean. 10m abk. and both sides separated weiterstr. At the inner edge for the further rounding in every 2nd row cast 3 times 5 sts each time, 1x 3 sts and 1x 2 sts. After the last shoulder decrease at the outer edge the M of the one side are used up. Finish the other side the same way. Now close the shoulder seams and the sleeves from the top to the bottom in the direction of the arrow.

With the round. Pick up No. 5 on both sides of the shoulder seam between the markers, each 34 (35 – 37) sts = 68 (70 – 74) sts. Now work 1 back garter st. Then divide into: 5 M hole pattern A, 58 (60 – 64) M smooth re, 5 M hole pattern B. Beids. for the slanting in the 10th row from the beginning of the sleeve, 1 sts on the undershirt, then in every 6th row 10x 1 st on each side. [pay attention to the hole pattern R] = 46 (48 – 52) sts. After 34 cm = 71 R from sleeve start both sides. 1 mark and straight forward. After 13 cm = 28 R from marker for the end panel, 1 cm = 2 rows. Then the M loose li abk. The 2nd sleeve just as anstr.

Working out:
Place part exactly in half, tension, moisten and allow to dry. Rem. Close seams. With the round. Pick up No. 4 from the neckline edge 102 M. For the panel, trim in stockinette st. In 1 cm = 2 Rd panel height, remove the row.