Maintain knitting properly: tips and tricks

How do I wash knit right?

Best in wool wash with fine or wool detergent. Do not over-load the machine and avoid heavy skidding. Knit knit on the left, coarser structures and loose knitwear, as well as styles with sequins and pearls even in the best case wash in a laundry bag.

How do I dry knit properly?

Tightening the shape when wet is important, especially for articles with a viscose or wool content, especially the side, shoulder and armhole seams in shape. Also pull out the sleeves once, as these are the most likely to arrive. Generally better dry or hang over several rows of a stand and also do not let the sleeves hang down . Never hang dry on a hanger!

How can I save my knit sweater when it has run in the laundry?

When wet, tighten a bit more firmly – do not be shy, he will not break. If the sweater has a high percentage of wool and is crackling when pulled, this is a sure sign that the scale structure of the wool fibers have become matted, which unfortunately is irreversible, you can not get more than a few centimeters in length. You can also try to hang the sweater hanging on a hanger, it hangs out. Make sure that the shoulder seams are exactly on top of the hanger, otherwise there will be bumps in the structure next to the seam, which will not go away when dry. If possible, use a wider bracket. Finally iron from the left and stretch it in length, do not use too high temperature and use steam if possible.

How can I treat (grease / wine / gravy) stains on knitwear?

Common “stain devils” can usually be used without any problems, preferably first on an inconspicuous spot (eg inside the hem) test.

How do I best store wool parts?

Best lying without direct sunlight , do not fold too small and do not make too high stack in the closet.

How do I recognize high quality knitwear?

Merino wool, lambswool or cashmere, usually awarded a hangtag, is of a higher quality than normal wool. In general, the higher the natural fiber content, the better. When putting on the hair should not fly and no crackling be heard, so no static charge. This usually happens with high polyester or polyamide content in the fabric. Important: Pilling is not necessarily a sign of poor quality, even very high quality yarns must be treated from time to time with a pilling razor .

How should a knit sweater sit?

Image result for knittingIt always depends on the style: An oversize style should of course fall casually and far, a tailored fit should also emphasize the waist and a boxy shape should fall short and boxy.

What materials can be used to combine knitwear?

Here everything is possible – light knit in the summer to linen and cotton, but also with slightly flowing skirts made of viscose, knitting sets a nice contrast. Even in winter, knitting is versatile for all materials.