Knitting Pattern: Colorful scarf with diamond pattern

Knitting Pattern: Colorful scarf with diamond pattern


Strickanleitung HerbstschalSize 40 cm wide x 185 cm long


Lana Grossa Gomitolo 200 (50% Virgin Wool, 50% Acrylic, Length 700 m / 200 g) 400 g Red Violet / Wine Red / Olive / Mustard / Teal / May Green / Orange (Fb 210); Knitting needles No. 4; Crochet hook No. 3,5.

Kraus re:

Back and forth st. Ajour patterns A and B, M number divisible by 17 + 1 + 2


After the knitting A and B arb. There are only signs drawn; in the back all M and U li str. Start with the sts in front of the right arrow, always repeat the repeat of 17 sts between the arrows. and end with the M after the left arrow. 11x the 1st – 20th R arb. = 220 R.

Knitting tension:

Ajour pattern A and B with needles No. 4: 22 M and 24 R = 10 x 10 cm.


To make the same points on both sides of the stop, start both scarf halves at the ends of the scarf.

1st half of the scarf:

Cast on 88 sts with needles no. 4, and knit 3 rows, starting with 1 st at the same time. Then 220 R in ajour pattern A str. Shut down M.

2nd scarf half:

Like the first half of the scarf, but in ajour pattern B str.


Tighten the part, moisten slightly and let it dry. Connect the disengaged M in the M stitch. Crochet the longitudinal sound side with 1 R Krebsm (= fe M from left to right) with crochet hook No. 3,5.