Knitting instructions: FOR YOU Triangular scarf | For her

Triangular Scarf Sayonara Fb. 077

FOR YOU triangular scarfMaterial: 3 balls Sayonara Fb. 077
Circular needle 7,0mm / 60cm
Crochet hook 6,0mm

Pattern: Cast on 3 stitches and knit 1 row to the right
– Always knit edge stitches to the right
– Knit the stitches in the back rows before and after the edge stitch on the left


1st row: Rdm., 1U, 1 re, 1U, Rdm.
2nd row: left
3rd row: Rdm., 1U, 1 re, 1U, 1 re, 1U, 1 re, 1U Rdm.
4th row: left
5th row: Rdm., 1U, 2 re, 1U, 1 re, 1U, 2re, 1URdm.
6th row: left

7. And in all consecutive odd rows, expand the pattern accordingly (Rdm., 1U, 3/4/5/6 / etc, re, 1U, 1 re, 1U, 3/4/5/6 / re, 1U, Rdm ,

When there are 240 stitches on the needle, bind off very loosely.

Crochet the side edges loosely with 1 row of fixed loops, work with 2 air stitches and continue crocheting as follows:
Put 1 sliver stitch into the first stitch, 3 stitches, skip one stitch and crochet a loop in the second stitch, 3 stitches, etc.

The finished cloth can be stretched as needed

Rdm. = Edge stitch 1U = 1 turn 1 re = 1 stitch right