Knitting instructions for batwing sweater | For her

Warm bat sweater

Fledermauspullover in BeigeYarn ANDANIA: 100% alpaca superfine (length about 50 m / 50 g) 

Size: 36/38, 40-44 and 46/48. The figures for size 36/38 are in front of the bracket, for size 40-44 and size 46/48 in parenthesis, separated by slashes. If there is only one specification, this applies to all sizes.

Material:  yarn ANDANIA, 700 (800/850) g ​​in hemp No. 10. Prym knitting needles No. 51/2-6 and No. 6-7, a 40 cm long circular needle No. 51/2-6.

Rib pattern: 2 sts, 2 sts alternating. Smooth on: Back M, Back on left.

1. R [Hinr]: Randm, * 1 M li, 1 st, from * wdh, 1 M li, edge st.
2nd R: Re knit. The 1st and 2nd R always wdh.

Zopfstreifen: Knit over 16 sts or 22 sts.
1. R [Back]: Randm, 2 M li, 2 sts, 6 sts, 2 sts, 2 sts, edge sts.
2nd row : R, 2 sts, 2 sts, 6x alternating 1 st in garter st, and 1 st in garter st, end with 2 sts, 2 sts, edge st = 22 sts.
3. R: The sts as they appear.
4th row : edge st, 2 sts, 2 sts left, 3 sts in front of work with a needle, 3 sts, then the sts of needle again, put 3 sts behind the needle with a needle, 3 sts, then the sts of the needle, 2 sts, 2 sts, edge sts.
5th to 9th R: The M strives as they appear. Repeat 4th to 9th R after the 1st to 3rd Rs.

Stitching: With needles Nos. 6-7 in the basic pattern: 13 M and 19 R = 10 x 10 cm. The 22 M pigtails are about 12 cm wide.

Back piece : Cast on 62 (70/78) with needles No. 51/2-6 and work 5 cm in cuff pattern. In the last spine in the middle of the work increase 1 sts [cross out of the cross stitch str] = 63 (71/79) sts. Continue with needles No. 6-7 in the basic pattern. When piece measures 26 cm, inc 1 st 1 st on each side, then inc 1 st in every 2 sts, and once in stock measure 30 sts = 139 (147/155) sts. Increase the basic pattern over the first 36 increases, the last 2 increments or knit in front of the edge. When piece measures 44 (45/46) cm, apply 2 x 6 (6/10) sts for both upper sleeve and shoulder bevels on both sides, then cast off 4 sts every other row for 14×14, then close the remaining 23 sts for neckline.

Front: Knit like the back, but at 56 (57/58) cm for the neckline in a back, inc 1 st at mid sts and dec 1 st on each side every other row.

Zopfstreifen: Cast on 16 sts with needles no. 6-7 and knit as described. When piece measures 45 (48/51) cm, work 5 sts in a row, work 1 st over the middle 12 sts, knit 3 sts, put on 2 sts, put on 1 st, knit 2 sts and pull off the raised sts Knit 1 st, then knit the last 5 sts = 18 sts. Knit the first 2 sts in the next row, knit the middle 4 sts 2x 2 sts, knit the last 2 sts together and knit. Shut down the remaining 14 M Knit the second strip as well.

Completion: Stretch the parts and allow to dry under damp cloths. Sew the braid strips to the hemmed edges of the sleeves and shoulders. Pick up 38 (42/46) sts from sleeve ends with needles no. 51/2-6, 1 back and 1 back st. Then work 7 cm in the rib pattern, the 1 st back with edge st, 1 ml (right / left), 2 sts (left). Then bind off the sts. For the neckline trim, use the circular needle to knit the disused sts, taking 7 sts each = 82 sts. Now work 1 round sts. Then knit 1 round, knit 1x 2 sts in both front and back = 80 sts. Continue in rib stitching, beginning with 2 sts across the 14 sts of plait strip. After 5 rounds in rib pattern cast off M sts. Close the sleeve and side seams. Overall length of the pullover = approx. 66 (67/68) cm.